Visit the Senedd!

Visit The Senedd

Due to Covid Regulations, the Senedd building has been opening in phases. Currently the capacity of the Senedd building will be limited, and will only open for pre booked visits. I'll post on social media when this changes.


Educational visit

This a great way for schools to learn more about democracy and the Senedd takes a flexible approach to the sessions. Please contact me to find out more.


School Council visit

The Senedd hosts special visits for School Councils which includes the opportunity to hold a School Council meeting in a Chamber in the Senedd, an activity and a visit to the Senedd. Tickets to watch Plenary on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are available if required. This is available for primary and secondary schools.

Government and Politics AS

The Senedd can tailor a half day programme to suit the needs of each group. These programmes can include booking tickets for Plenary and Committee meetings including arranging guest speakers.

Welsh Baccalaureate

The Senedd offers a general educational visits programme for Welsh Baccalaureate groups at all levels. Schools and colleges can also hire a Chamber to organise their own Global Challenges Conference. Learners will investigate an issue, consider different arguments and communicate their own personal viewpoint by organising a conference debate in a Chamber in the Senedd, the Senedd’s youth debating chamber.

  • All visits start in Tŷ Hywel, Cardiff Bay..

  • A lunch area is available for any visit (need to book in advance).

  • You can arrange for an Education Officer to visit you before or after your visit.

  • A subsidy can be offered towards travel costs to the Senedd which is available for eligible schools.

  • Please contact me for more information.