When will office workers return to their offices? asks MS

Laura Anne Jones, Senedd Member for South Wales East, is asking the Welsh Government when office workers in Wales will be encouraged to return to their places of work.

This follows concerns raised by the head of the CBI, Dame Carolyn Fairbairn, that city centres could become ghost towns unless office workers return to work.

Laura Anne Jones said:

“This is a timely warning from the head of the CBI.”

“Whilst working from home has been vital in tackling the spread of coronavirus, we must not forget there are many businesses in our town and city centres, from sandwich shops to dry cleaners, that rely on office workers for their trade, and unless these workers are encouraged to return the viability of these businesses will be adversely affected.”

“I am asking the Welsh Government what action they are taking to return our town and city centres to normality by encouraging office workers to return and what measures they are implementing to support businesses that find themselves in difficulty through no fault of their own.”

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