Welsh Conservatives slam Relationships and Sexuality Education Code plans

“The consequences of waving through this legislation without proper scrutiny – just 30 minutes’ worth of debate in the Senedd – are huge.

“Labour’s bill will land schools, parents, teachers and children in Wales with a curriculum framework that is compulsory but very far from the clear, robust and fact-based guidance it should be.

“As it currently stands, the RSE Code won't help schools tackle the serious problems of sexual harassment and sexual violence against women and girls, and there are serious question marks over whether it will be delivered in an age-appropriate manner.

“Labour’s code also inexplicably fails to use the terms 'male', 'female',' boy' or 'girl' anywhere, which is a staggering omission.

“This sadly appears to prioritise ideology rather than safeguarding and protecting children.

“This is a stunning example of political correctness gone mad, and I will not be supporting the code.”

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