Welsh Conservative response to Labour’s statement on school inspections

Responding to a Welsh Labour Government statement on school inspections, Welsh Conservative shadow education minister, Laura Anne Jones MS, said:

“Given the impact of the pandemic on the education system in Wales, this announcement comes as no surprise.

“The past 15 months has placed huge challenges on pupils, teachers and schools, so any release of pressure on them is welcome.

“However, there still needs to be some form of scrutiny of attainment levels, just so we have a clearer picture as to how much the pandemic has impacted on learners, which is an important tool in forming future policy decisions.

“Potentially there are going to be underperforming schools going under the radar due to the suspension of inspections. I understand the need to help manage teachers’ workload, but parents do need reassurances that schools are doing all they can to support pupils. We must put children first.

“Devolution under Labour rule has delivered a lost generation, and we can’t afford another as we exit the pandemic. Ministers must ensure they have their eyes are on the ball and use every tool at their disposal to support pupils, teachers and schools at this vital time in education in Wales as we come out of the pandemic.”

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