Welsh Conservative response to Children's Commissioner’s calls for masks to be scrapped in schools

Commenting on calls made by the Children’s Commissioner for masks to be scrapped in schools in Wales immediately, Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Education, Laura Anne Jones MS said:

“One of the important factors in helping young children to recover from the pandemic is the learning environment, but masks are proving a big barrier to that experience and the general well-being of pupils and staff.

“The rules in place seem out of kilter with those in other areas of society and Labour ministers should listen to the Children’s Commissioner, and their own scientific advisors who say they’re doing more harm than good, and drop the requirement for masks in classrooms immediately.”

The Children’s Commissioner has also called for an end to mass-isolation requirements, replacing them with a more targeted approach that does not place significant burden on school and college leaders, as is being currently trialled in England.

Commenting on this aspect, Laura Anne Jones MS said:

“At the moment, we’re seeing alarmingly high numbers of pupils being sent home right across Wales, which is causing chaos for parents, pupils, teachers and schools.

“After an awfully challenging period in learning for young people across the country, Labour ministers must urgently revise their isolation rules and provide guidance for teachers before the end of term so we can get children back into an enjoyable and productive school environment.”

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