Welsh Conservative call for Estyn investigation after Ofsted review

Welsh Conservative have called for an Estyn investigation after today’s publication of the Ofsted review into Everyone’s Invited testimonies of abuse in schools across the UK.

Ofsted's review in England came after thousands of testimonies about abuse were posted on the Everyone's Invited website - and the UK government asked inspectors to assess safeguarding policies and experiences in schools and colleges.

The testimonies also included 91 references to Welsh schools and Conservative education spokeswoman, Laura Anne Jones MS has called for a similar investigation in Wales.

She said:

“The Ofsted Review reveals some very concerning findings following the testimonies initially published on the Everyone’s Invited website.

“These testimonies were not just limited to England, and included troubling references to 91 schools in Wales.

“It’s vital the Welsh Government now instructs Estyn to look at the prevalence of the problem in Wales, assess safeguarding policies and experiences in schools and colleges, and publish its findings.

“Schools must be a safe place for our children.”

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