Welcome more flexibility in definition of “Vulnerable” to ensure more in-school support

Local Member of the Welsh Parliament, Laura Anne Jones MS, has welcomed more flexibility in the definition of ‘vulnerable’, to ensure in-school support is there for those that need it.

During Wales’ first coronavirus lockdown last year, many children with Additional Learning Needs were not offered places at school hubs reserved for vulnerable children and the children of frontline key workers.

Now, however, the Welsh Government has expanded its definition of vulnerable children to include those with conditions like autism.

This means local authorities will be able to interpret the definition of the “vulnerable” with more flexibility, ensuring school places remain open for those who need it.

Laura Anne Jones said:

“It is important to have access to in-person schooling as the majority of ALN children, are unable to interact with zoom calls or even communicate. Very few would be unable to understand how to use IT facilities, such as learning programmes and laptops.”

“The flexibility in the definition of ‘vulnerable’ now also means that children who can’t access devices for online learning, or have problems with connectivity, can also be classed as vulnerable, so that they can access what they need to learn in a school setting, if not possible at home.”

“I welcome this as a very constructive move which will greatly improve the lives of those effected.”

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