Thornwell Fun Day in Chepstow

It was great to visit Monmouthshire's Thornwell Fun Day to mark the launch of the Chepstow Youth Club at the Thornhill Pavilion.

The Youth Club run by Mon Life’s Josh Klein, Darren Hickey and Abi Cook, will run 3 nights a week. On: Wednesday’s - junior (yr6) 3pm-5.30pm & seniors 5.30-8pm. Thursday’s - 3-8pm and Friday’s 3-6pm. They will provide a fantastic space for young people to play, watch films, cook, have fun, talk and get the help they need.

It was good to meet Josh Klein & all the Mon Life team. Such great people, so focussed on helping children and young people. They really want to make young people's lives better, giving them a safe space to talk and making them better informed on a variety of issues

Watching and hearing all about their work today was really heartwarming and inspiring. Youth workers play such an important role in our communities and are brilliant at what they do. I’m looking forward to working with them going forward, in my capacity as Shadow Education Minister, on using their expertise in educational settings.

All the children and young people - including my son - really enjoyed the climbing wall, bouncy castle and all the fun stuff that they put on for free. Well done all.

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