Testing of children with virus symptoms must be speeded up

Local Senedd member, Laura Anne Jones, has called on the Education Minister to work with the Health Minister to ensure testing of children showing symptoms of coronavirus is speeded up.

This follows reports that children were being sent home with symptoms that turned out to be common colds.

Commenting, Laura Anne Jones said:

“I was concerned to hear this week that a number of children were being sent home with runny noses as a precaution.”

“This resulted in them missing out on roughly three days of valuable education because of the delay that exists in testing.”

“I welcome the Minister’s assurance that she will work with her colleagues to speed up testing but, in the meantime, I believe action should be taken to address this problem.”

“I have asked the Minister to issue guidance to our schools on how to differentiate between coronavirus symptoms and those of the common cold, and to look into the feasibility of having schools taking temperature tests before sending a child home.”

”These are anxious times for parents and guardians. No one wants to see our children missing out on education unnecessarily so we have to put measures in place before winter sets in.”

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