M4 relief road needed around Newport

Local Senedd member, Laura Anne Jones, has criticised the Welsh Government for failing to take action to relieve congestion on the M4 at Newport.

Laura Anne Jones said, "The M4 In South Wales is synonymous with traffic congestion and the westbound Brynglas Tunnel in Wales worst traffic jam hotspot, with 465 holdups in 2017.

"The traffic analytics firm INRIX said westbound congestion at Brynglas cost motorists £14 million in lost time and the overall cost of traffic jams to the Welsh economy was estimated to be some £278 million.

"By its own admission some time ago the Welsh Government said the Brynglas Tunnels are “not fit for purpose” and forecast “severe operational problems at junctions around Newport by 2020.

"The Welsh Labour Government made a manifesto promise to improve congestion around Newport by delivering an M4 relief road.

"Last summer, after £114 million pounds of public money had been spent on the project and a recommendation from the Independent Inspector to proceed, the First Minister broke that promise.

"It was announced that a group of experts would be recruited with a commission to examine proposals to ease congestion on the M4.

"We need to know what progress has been made in this regard and when we can expect this group to report its conclusions.

"Action to deal with congestion on the M4 is overdue and we need measures to deal with this unacceptable situation as a matter of urgency."

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