Local Senedd Member full of praise after visit to Let Loose Soft Play Centre

Local Senedd member, Laura Anne Jones, recently visited the Let Loose Soft Play Centre in Newport in her role as Shadow Minister for Equalities, Children and Young People.

The visit was intended to highlight the importance of play in the development of children.

Laura Anne Jones said, “This is a really impressive new business that opened its doors last December.

“Obviously they were devastated when they then had to close their doors again in March, but thanks to the UK Conservative Government’s Furlough scheme and a grant, they have survived.

“It is clear that more guidance, help and support is needed from Welsh Government for softplay businesses.

“Soft play centres provide a lot of fun for our children and are great to allow them to mix and interact with others of their age. This aids their development helped by fantastic developmental toys that these places have to offer.

“Let Loose is a great example of catering for all needs and ages.

“These are important places for our children to socialise, and if all are as fantastic at using PPE, sanitising and washing everything regularly like this business, then they are to be encouraged right now.

“This is particularly important as many of our children have missed interaction with children of their age throughout the months of lockdown.

“I congratulate this business, and all soft play centres that have now opened, on adapting to our ‘new normal’ so quickly and coping throughout these stressful times.

“We need to make sure we get the financial support right, should there have to be another lockdown, so businesses like this have the right financial help that they need and are able to survive."

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