Local MS backs World Thinking Day

Local Member of the Welsh Parliament, Laura Anne Jones, today pledged her support for World Thinking Day, which has been marked by Girl Guides and Girl Scouts since 1926.

World Thinking Day is a celebration of ten million girls worldwide that has taken place on every 22 February since 1926. It remains a day for all Guides and Girl Scouts to think of each other and celebrate their sisters all around the world.

It remains one of the most important dates in the guiding calendar, and every year the theme of the event encourages members to think about the big issues affecting them and their global community.

Previous World Thinking Days have tackled the subjects of poverty, gender inequality, environmental sustainability and access to education.

Laura Anne Jones said:

“As a former Brownie, Guide, Ranger and Young Leader, and now an Ambassador for Girl Guiding UK, I am pleased to pledge my support for World Thinking Day.”

“I will always be thankful that I was part of a fantastic “family”, that taught me so many skills, good values and gave me so many opportunities.”

“These included the chance to represent Wales and the UK at an international jamboree in Norway, along with some 12,000 Guides and Scouts from all over the world.”

”It opened my eyes to a new world, meeting new friends and learning about new languages and cultures, boosting my confidence and increasing my awareness of the world that has since helped to form some of my opinions since.”

“I would strongly urge children and young people across Wales to join this fantastic organisation which contributes to their education and helps build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society.”

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