Laura Anne Jones slams absurd alcohol sales ban

Local MS Laura Anne Jones has criticised the Welsh Government for banning the sale of alcohol in pub and restaurants in the run up to Christmas.

From Friday, 4 December, pubs and restaurants will be allowed to serve meals but will not be allowed to serve alcohol. They will also close at 6pm except for takeaway services.

Laura Anne Jones commented:

“Once again, the hospitality sector has been hit hard by the Welsh Government’s coronavirus restrictions.”

“I totally understand the need to get the infection rate down in Gwent”

“However, I fail to see how banning the sale of alcohol in pubs and restaurants where people can have a meal together is going to be an effective weapon against the spread of the virus.

“Pubs and restaurants have made great efforts to keep customers safe by enforcing social distancing, using hand sanitisers and keeping contact details for track and trace.”

“Now they are being penalised as people will buy their alcohol in supermarkets, and drink at home, possibly in numbers that exceed Welsh Government guidelines with the risk of spreading the virus.”

”These regulations are devastating for the pub and restaurant industry and past experience of Welsh Government funding support does not inspire much confidence in their efficiency or effectiveness.”

“I am calling on the Welsh Government to look again at these unfair and very damaging restrictions.”

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