Laura Anne Jones raises concerns about effect of lockdown on mental health of small business owners

Laura Anne Jones, member of the Welsh Parliament for South East Wales, has raised concerns about the stressful effects of coronavirus lockdowns on the mental health and well-being of small business owners.

Speaking in the Welsh Parliament during questions to the Minister for Mental Health, Laura Anne Jones said:

“I want to talk to you about mental health and well-being, particularly of our small-business owners at the moment, who have been put through so much during this pandemic, creating heightened anxiety and mental health worries.

“They've really stepped up to the plate and delivered in terms of adapting their businesses and making them coronavirus safe, yet we are now seeing them battered again by these latest regulations coming into effect this Friday.

“Judging from e-mails and conversations I've had with small-business owners, pubs, bars and restaurants across south-east Wales, I am concerned that they are suffering great anxiety and depression, and that's been made very clear and very apparent.

“ Research is also suggesting that these people aren't reaching out for help. So, what action is this Government taking to reach out to these business owners during these particularly tough times to ensure that they get all the mental health support that they need?

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