Laura Anne Jones calls for more information for vulnerable people about shielding

Local Member of the Welsh Parliament, Laura Anne Jones, has called on the Welsh Government to provide more information for vulnerable people in local lockdown about shielding.

The Member for South East Wales went on to praise the work of local voluntary support groups working in their communities to help and support elderly and at risk people during the pandemic.

Speaking in the Welsh Parliament, Laura Anne Jones said:

“Local coronavirus help and support groups, like Feed Newport in Pill, and the ones I set up in Wyesham and Usk, did a fantastic job during national lockdown at protecting vulnerable people, making sure they didn't feel isolated, and delivered food and prescriptions to those who were previously shielding and self-isolating.”

“These vulnerable people are now at risk now the virus is on the rise again. Shielding for extremely vulnerable people was introduced at the start of the pandemic in March and only recently lifted.”

“However, the Welsh Government's advice is that these people do not need to shield at present.”

“I am calling on the Minister to explain his reasons for that decision and advise in what circumstances would he feel the need to reconsider this advice for those shielding, as it's confusing for people”

“There does need to be more communication and more detailed communication, and I welcome the fact that the Minister will to send letters out, but these also need to go to COVID groups to prepare to help those people shielding again.”

Laura Anne Jones went on to record her appreciation to all the fantastic work done by voluntary groups throughout this pandemic in helping those most vulnerable in our society.

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