Laura Anne Jones calls for extension of vaccination programme in Monmouthshire

Local Member of the Welsh Parliament, Laura Anne Jones MS, has called on the Welsh Government to extend the availability of services at the Mass Vaccination Centre at Abergavenny.

Speaking at First Minister’s Questions in the Welsh Parliament today, Laura Anne contrasted the availability of services at Abergavenny with those at Cwmbran and Newport.

Laura Anne Jones commented:

“Abergavenny is the single mass vaccination centre in Monmouthshire.”

“I am advised it is currently closed and due to open again next week but then for only two days a week, due to logistical problems with delivering the Oxford vaccine .”

“Cwmbran and Newport are distributing the Pfizer vaccine that will enable them to move to now be able to vaccinate seven days a week.”

“It makes sense that either the Abergavenny Mass Vaccination Centre moved to delivering the Pfizer vaccine instead of the Oxford vaccine, so it can operate seven days a week, like Cwmbran and Newport now does, or that another centre delivering the Pfizer vaccine is established in Monmouthshire as soon as possible by Aneurin Bevan Health Board in conjunction with our GP practices.”

“This would ensure an even faster rollout of the vaccination programme in Monmouthshire and allow residents to access vaccines nearer to home.”

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