Latest local government settlement is nothing short of a “bitter blow”

The Shadow Minister for Local Government has branded the latest local government settlement “a bitter blow”.

Laura Jones MS said: “Today, the Welsh Labour Government had the opportunity to finally get behind Wales’ local authorities, where local services are under severe pressures from COVID-19.

“But, despite the substantial funding from the UK Government and the known pressures of the pandemic, the Welsh Labour Government has decided instead for our councils to receive a smaller financial increase (3.8%) than in the previous financial year (4.3%), with those in North Wales set to receive the smallest increase.

“The decision will come as a bitter blow to all those who’re working around the clock to keep vital local services running during the pandemic.

“Local authorities urgently need a fairer funding settlement—which would also enable a much-needed council tax freeze—to ensure vital services can continue delivering for the people of Wales.”

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