Conservative Senedd Member for South Wales East, Laura Anne Jones, has today written to the First Minister, Mark Drakeford MS, asking for clarification as to the status of a proposed referendum on the M4 Relief Road. Back in March of this year, Councillors at Newport City Council backed a motion calling on the Welsh Labour Government to consider the option of a referendum on the Relief Road, which if built would aid congestion issues around the City.

In her letter, Miss Jones, wrote:

‘As you will know, back in March of this year, Newport City Councillors backed a motion calling upon the Welsh Government to consider the option of a referendum on the M4 Relief Road.

‘Following on from this, I questioned the then Minister for Local Government, Julie James MS, about whether the Welsh Government would work with Newport City Council on such a vote.

‘Your Minister didn’t rule out the option, and was open to discuss with the Council the viability of a referendum. When I put the same proposition to yourself, you supported your Minister’s comments.

‘Therefore, could you please update me as to whether the Welsh Government has approached Newport City Council about the possibility of such a referendum, or if the Council has approached the Welsh Government to explore the option.’

Laura commenting further on this issue:

‘I still passionately believe that the M4 relief road is the only way that we can truly open up South Wales for business.

‘The current Welsh Labour Government schemes are just sticking plaster solutions, that delay what needs to be done for even longer.

‘The British Conservative Government sees the enormous potential in providing a relief toad on the main artery into Wales, as it is essential, especially post pandemic, that we attract as many businesses to Invest here as possible, massively benefitting my region of South Wales East and all of Wales.’

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