Concern at possible closure of Round House at Kymin

Laura Anne Jones, Senedd Member for South Wales East, today expressed her concern at news that the Round House at Kymin, Monmouth could be threatened with closure.

The property is run by the National Trust in Wales and is situated in Laura’s Monmouthshire County Council ward of Wyesham. Around 80 jobs are reported to be at risk at the National Trust in Wales whose historic Houses, Gardens and shops closed in March. Although some properties in England have reopened, only gardens and parks have done so in Wales. Laura Anne Jones said, “The National Trust is of immense importance to Wales, managing our historic sites, attracting visitors and providing jobs. “News of these potential job losses is a clear indication of the serious situation facing the National Trust. “I am particularly concerned about the potential closure of the Round House in my ward which would present a major blow to the local economy. “I have contacted the National Trust today to get clarification of the Round House’s future. “ The Welsh Government must take action. Ministers must ensure the full amount of funding provided by the UK Government to support Arts and Culture organisations in Wales is used for the purpose intended. “it is also essential that ways are found to allow the phased reopening of Historic National Trust buildings to boost visitor numbers and help the recovery of this vital sector of our economy."

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